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Cge TV In Da Loop Version 2
Mark your calendars! 

On September 10, we are kicking off the pilot week of Cge TV In Da Loop Version 2! After 20 solid weeks of bringing you videos uploaded by our ever faithful Cgezens in season 1, we now move forward to - malamang - season 2! Chos.

This time, our show's going to bring excitement na talaga namang may double impact! Times two the talent, times two the fun! It's a new format, it's a new set, it's a new show! We are your official late night weekday barkada! I'm so eggzoited!

Anyways, last Friday... we had our taping:

A DAY OF CELEBRATIONS. Una sa lahat, I love our new logo! Akmang-akma sa
time slot ng show namin, haha! It's Cge Jock Chacha's birthday as well! Love you!
And most of all, I'm so happy 'coz they revamped our set! Much cooler now! Pak :)

CASTING. I did the Tuesday episode (airing on September 11), and my hosts were
Anna and my happy crush Mark McMahon, together with Edu and the new Cge Gang!
That's Beba, our ferosh headwriter (upper right)! And below her is our ep's group pic.

VERSUS. We have a new format wherein two talents will compete for the
Sample Sample Cge Star crown. For my episode, I had two female singers:
acoustic singer Ruth Anna Mendoza and ballad vocalist Deedee Billaoac!

WHO'S GONNA WIN? Watch out kung sino ang mas magaling na singer
between the two :) Pero sa pagkakataong ito, ako ang magaling! Ako ang
maganda dahil pinakilig ako nang bonggang-bongga ni Mark! Tee hee <3

CGE TV IN DA LOOP VERSION 2 starts on September 10, 12:30AM on ABS-CBN channel 2!

Thank you for supporting the show! Masaya ako dahil nagka-season 2 kami!


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hindi ba po kami makapag upload ng videos?

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