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It's raining men
...on Cge TV In Da Loop!

DJ Callum David is back with vengeance! And this time, he brought two of his friends over for some freakin' good time with Cge Jocks Anna, Jobert, and Chacha

DJ, MODEL, AND... HOST? Callum's a guest host for the entire episode! More Aussie realness <3

Now, meet his friends - fashion models and sportsmen - Mark McMahon and Terence Lloyd!

TIMES THREE THE FUN! Witness how "game" these boys are!
In other news, I think I'm falling in love with Terence's tattoos <3

#GandaKo #TeeHee

Stay up late, and don't miss this epic episode :)
MONDAY, 16 JULY 2012, after ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Shows (12:30AM)

Kudos to Butch, my co-writer, for coming up with the gimmicks <3


Photos from Beba Bautista.


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