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Ian Somerhalder diaries
Late post much?

Been watching The Vampire Diaries for the longest time. And between Stefan and Damon, I'd definitely go for Damon despite the fact the Paul Wesley has rock-harder abs... yum! Choz. Kaloka kasi ang stare ni Damon! Lakas makalaglag-panty! 

So when Damon Ian Somerhalder went here in Manila just recently, na-excite ako nang bongga to see him! I was the assigned writer to accompany Venus Raj in interviewing him for ASAP 2012! Unfortunately, super strict ng security, so I wasn't able to personally be with them during the actual interview. Kere lang naman 'coz nakisiksik na lang ako sa presscon.

Still managed to get a glimpse of Ian, and my golly... so hawt!

BITE ME! Kung siya lang din ang bampira, magpapakagat talaga akech :)
Lulutuan ko pa siya ng dinuguan then we'll watch Blood Diamond. Waley.

MEET MS. LUISA! For those of you who know the story of my life, alam niyo namang
may half-sister ako (father's side) who I haven't seen for years! At sa presscon pa
kami ni Ian nagkita, tee hee! Faney much din?!? Inferness, magka-dugo talaga kami :)

ANOTHER SET OF KAPAMILYAS. Straight from Manila Pen, back to work with my ASAP team :)

Great day!


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Ikaw na miss Patch!! Kaingget much!! :))

hindi naman mashado! di ko nga nakausap si ian, kainis! haha!

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