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Born This Way Ball
I wasn't able to watch the first ever Lady Gaga concert here in the Philippines about two years ago. Hence, I promised to myself that the next time she returns, my inner fan girl would force me to do whatever it takes to go see her in the fuh-lesh!

Thankfully, I was given the chance to do so just last Tuesday!

Straight from work, my friends and I excitedly went to the newly opened Mall of Asia Arena, the venue of the Born This Way Ball. OMG OMG OMG!

Some comments:
  • 'Di ko bet masyado 'yung Mall of Asia Arena. It's too far and para lang siyang malaking basketball court na nilagyan ng aircon. The Araneta Coliseum for the win!
  • Richard Poon-yeta! Napaka-steep ng upuan sa upper box and general admission. Feel na feel namin 'nung kumakanta ng "Edge of Glory" si Lady Gaga kasi literal na nasa edge lang din 'yung mga upuan namin. Isang kembot lang eh mahuhulog na kami! Tee hee!
  • Bakit ba ako nagrereklamo? Hindi naman ako masyadong maganda. Maganda ako.
  • ADDITIONAL: Kabog ang fog machine ng stage ni bakla! Parang may isang pamilya ng kapre na nagyo-yosi sa gilid ng stage!

LITTLE MONSTERS. Um-effort naman kami nina Mela, Mikki, and Maffy nang slight!
Anyways, we're so sosyal noh? During concerts, it is necessary that I am in the VIP area.

Here's the proof...

BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE! Glad to have shared this
very special GAGA moment with the one and only Mela Habijan!

MELA... She doesn't speak Tagalog, but she can if you like.
MISS PATCH... She's as free as her hair. Paws up, tee hee!

MOTHER MONSTER. Napa-bow down talaga kami kay Lady Gaga! Lahat bongga!
From the elaborate castle set up, live singing, clothes, and the dancers... FEROSHA!
(Pictures courtesy of Mikki Galang)

Excited for her next tour!

Kisses :)


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