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OrSem Host Hunt 2012
Last Wednesday, Erick and I were invited to judge the final round of OrSem Host Hunt 2012. I've been doing this for the past two years (this is my third year), and I mussay... lagi pa rin akong nae-excite na somehow part pa rin ako ng mga incoming Ateneo freshmen's OrSem experience. What's OrSem? Check out my other entries about it HERE.

Anyways... moving on, Erick and I also wanted to make sure na magagaling 'yung mapipiling hosts ngayong taon! After all, it's a very big responsibility to stand up and stand out on the OrSem stage for three days in front of 3,000-ish people who are expecting to be informed and entertained. Klalorka!

There were 12 finalists, pero six slots lang ang meron.

After five challenges, the chosen six received the good news :)

Congratulations, guys! Break a leg starting on June 7!

THE FINALISTS. (Center photo) Toni, Janeena, Gio, Nikki, JJ, Jaz,
Mavs, Josh, Isa, Gabs, Gab, and Jelo. Best roster of applicants ever!

GIRLS. Guess who's the Pretty Girl, Asian Persuasion, Indie Chick,
Sosyalerang Jologs, Babaeng Becky,
and Sweet Singing Debater :) 

THEM BOYS. Sino naman sa kanila ang Fierce Fashionista, Boy-next-door,
Prince Charming, Ultimate Kengkoy, Macho Gwapito
, and Kabugerang Becky :)

VIOLATING SOME RULES. Konting photo op lang with the hosts.
Hindi naman siguro masyadong halata na biased ako kay Gio... tee hee!

BEHIND-THE-SCENES. With the old and new OrSem Committee members :) Thanks
for inviting us to judge, guys <3 And Mela... servin' some Jason Uy realness much?

NINANG DIARIES. Sino ang para kanino? Mela and I lurve Jason, tee hee! <3
Anyways, susuko na lang ako! Talo ako ng color combination ng tambalang Melason!

CHALLENGES. Some snapshots of the "situationers" we asked them to do! 
Spot the beefy goodness na ikina-enjoy ng mga eyes namin, tey to the hey <3

GOOD LUCK, GUYS! This is me... servin' some epal realness!

DOWN TO THE FINAL SIX. Sa three years na tumutulong kami ni
Mela na mamili ng OrSem host, our deliberation this year was the
longest and hardest! Super galing nilang lahat, pwera biro... Choza!

And your OrSem 2012 hosts are... FIND OUT ON JUNE!



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