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Hey, hey, hey! Kamusta naman?

Buhay pa pala ang blog na ito! Last post ko pa is about Mario Maurer in 2012! And guess what...

Minsan talaga from gen ad nalilipat ka sa VIP!!! Hindi ako makapag-isip right now! Napagwagian natin @jumarjomar!!! #MarioInManila

Super Mario. May picture kami ulit together this 2016! LELS!

So much has happened in the last 4 years! Kaloka!

Pero napasulat lang ako today because mag-isa ako sa kwarto, umuulan, at feel kong magdrama.

Pero ulit, hindi ko na muna isusulat ang laman ng puso ko kasi hindi pa ako handa. Baka naman kasi hindi ko naman na talaga kailangang magdrama; meaning, nag-iinarte lang ako kasi 'yun ang expectation na naka-set sa utak ko if may dahilan na dumating sa buhay ko para magdrama. LELS.

Ang labo ko.

At least binuhay ko ulit itong blog. So there.

Meeting Mario Maurer

I'm completely obsessed with everything and anything about Mario Maurer! Well, okay... not that obsessed as in "obsessed" pero mahal na mahal ko siya! All my friends know this about me, and perhaps - feeling ko lang naman ha - obsessed din sila! Tee hee! How can they not be? He's uber handsome, yummy, down-to-earth, and did I mention handsome? Eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh <3 <3 <3

Anyways, for those of you who don't know him (saang kweba ba kayo nagtatago?), Mario Maurer is actually a Thai actor/heartthrob. And what's even more amazing is that his star power transcended his homeland, reaching most parts of Asia, including the Philippines! 

TEEN SENSATION. Mario became widely popular because of his romantic-comedy film
Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Girls were immediately drawn to his irresistible charm! Then again,
his breakthrough performance as an actor was actually in the 2007 film Love of Siam.
While the movie was marketed as straight romance drama, LoS shocked Thailand when Mario's
character Tong fell in love and kissed his male bestfriend Mew! That was the moment
wherein I so so so fell in love with Mario! Kaya magtigil 'yung mga baguhang fans diyan ng CLTCL!

Fast forward to last year, 2011... Imagine my happiness when I found out that he was the newest brand ambassador of a local clothing company. Moreover, it was also announced that Mario is to be paired up with local actress for his first ever Philippine movie (sana may second, third, fourth... pa)! Wah! Push, push, baby na 'yan!

Twice (or thrice) he visited the Philippines since his pasabog announcements, but unfortunately I had no access to him. In the end, nakuntento na lang ako sa mga magazine articles and TV interviews niya. Super sad ako na hindi ako nakapunta ng fan conference niya, not even get to watch his exclusive interviews in person.

That was last year!

Fast forward na naman to now as I am writing this entry, October 2012... I'm back at ABS-CBN, and Mario is back to promote his movie Suddenly It's Magic with the beautiful Erich Gonzales!

Pero bago ang lahat ng 'yan, may prelude pathetique sa pagtatagpo ng landas namin ni Mario (mehganon?). It all started with a kiss with a photo sent to me by my ASAP co-workers Gerrome Esguerra and Rich Garcia when they were in ASAP Singapore last October 14.

@OHOHMARIO SAYS "HI"! I died when Gerrome tweeted this photo! As a diehard fan of Mario,
this already means a lot <3 His role in the movie Love of Siam meant so much to me kaya naman
feeling ko eh ako si Mew when I saw this. Haha! Kaloka! Akala ko hanggang dito na lang, pero...

Just this Monday while I was in our ASAP meeting, I found out that Mario was back in the Philippines yet again, and and AND he has a taping for Gandang Gabi Vice at 4PM. With lots of prayers while servin' some The Secret realness, natapos ang meeting namin ng 4:30! Baba agad ako ng 2nd floor, and thank the heavens because GGV began rollin' at around 5PM! Perfect! Pak! Kaboom! Umabot akech :)

I saw Mario in person for the first time.

STARSTRUCK. First reaction: subtle hyperventilation! After all, I needed to calm down my tittays!
Watch out for this episode, airing on Sunday! Super funny, I kid you not <3 Abangan niyo ang mga
pasabog na gay words that Mario will learn at kung paano susubuan ni Mario si Vice ng kwek-kwek!

The goal was that after the interview, magpapa-picture ako kay Mario. Unfortunately, ang daming tao, security was tight, and Mario has another engagement; meaning, I wasn't able to have a picture with him! Boo!

Was disappointed nang bongga! Then again, I decided to shrug it off, and umasa na lang na may magic na magaganap!

Come Wednesday, just yesterday... habang nasa ASAP meeting na naman ako, meron nga! I found out that Mario's one-on-one interview with Toni Gonzaga for The Buzz na dapat outside the ABS-CBN building isu-shoot was moved to - where else - just in ABS-CBN na lang! Waaah! Second chance! Tee hee <3

SUGOD SA TAPING. O, ayan... nauna na ako sa set up ng crew! Tee hee <3

THE MAGICAL MOMENTS IN HIS LIFE. Catch this special interview, airing this Sunday as well :)

FAILED ATTEMPTS. Some jeje photo op realness lang, haha! Pero after the interview,
Mario obliged naman for a photo. Gosh, moment na moment na 'yun! Pero kaloka!
Out of the three photos, three rin silang blurred, haha! Mario then left for the elevator...

Hindi talaga ako nagpatalo, kinapalan ko na 'yung mukha ko, at hinabol ko sila sa elevator! Mario was with his team of managers, not to mention his brother, brother's GF, and their mother! Saan ka pa? All-star cast at umi-extra ako doon!

Good thing their local managers/handlers were with them, and kilala ko naman si dear Mac Merla, and he was nice enough to allow me for one last photo with Mario:

MONEY SHOT! Finally, a photo with my ultimate Thai crush Mario Maurer! Tee hee!
After seeing this photo, I couldn't help but jump, giggle, and dance in glee!
Still can't get over the fact that I managed to have a photo with him after everything.

All I can say is: Nakaka-high! 

Siguro ganun nga talaga 'pag fan ka ng isang taong naka-affect sayo nang bongga. I'll say it again: His role as Tong in Love of Siam totally fascinated me. It was unexpected. It was sweet. It was raw and honest. It was realistic. And it was love.

Way back in 2008 or 2009 when I first watched the film, never in my life kong na-imagine na he will be that famous here, let alone he will visit the country. Never in my life kong na-imagine na makikita ko siya in person unless ako ang pumunta ng Thailand at i-stalk siya doon.

But suddenly, it was magic. And nakita ko siya <3 <3 <3


Happy Birthday, Mikki!

Thanks to ASAP Singapore (2 episodes taped in 1 day) + another taped episode before the ASAP Singapore episodes were aired, it felt as if I had a two-week vacation! Wow, that's a treat for all employed employees out there na uber pagod na sa kakakayod. 

Well, sinuwerte lang siguro ako na andami kong free days for the past weeks. Then again, it's not all fun, fun, fun bilang tahimik ang social life ng lola ninyo, mostly nasa bahay lang ako, trying to read The Fault In Our Stars (Chapter 5 pa lang ako, waley) and catching up with my favorite US and UK shows. O diba, antaas ng UK shows? Just servin' some British invasion realness!

Anyways, pumarty rin naman ako. Sayang 'yung kabibili ko lang na Nyx matte lipstick in Instanbul. Product placement much? But seriously, natutuwa ako sa sarili ko (conceited much?) kasi I'm slowly venturing into the more pagirl me.

HERE'S THE STORY: Since last year, it donned on me that I wasn't just gay. I'm transgendered. Well, matagal naman na akong transgendered, but for the past years I've been using the term gay loosely to describe myself where in fact transgendered naman na pala talaga ako.

Basically, it just means that babae na ang tingin ko sa sarili ko. Nonetheless, nasa pinakababang level siguro ako ng pagiging transgender simple because hindi ko pa naman bet to undergo operation. Believe it or not, ayokong ipatanggal 'yung keme ko, haha! More of takot lang naman and health issues. Pero siyempre gusto kong magka-keefeelou noh! 

After all, makapangyarihan ang keefeelou! Nakakaakit siya! Then again, let's make do with what we have, and i-achieve na lang ang pagpapagirl in my own simple way. Tee hee!

So ayun, I nagvi-venture na ako ngayon sa lipsticks kahit ayoko sa kanila dati, haha. I also try to put on make-up almost everyday to achieve that more girly look. Basta gusto ko babae na ako. 

Hindi lang ako makapag-full on na women's clothing kasi baka maloka nanay ko. Ibibigay ko na lang sa kanya muna ang kakaunting bahid ng pagkalalaki ko. So androgynous chic muna ang peg ko. EH FASHIONISTA AKO EH!!! Tee hee! Well, I must admit hit-and-miss ako, mostly miss (haha!) ako sa mga fashion choices ko recently pero go go go pa rin.

In my defense, ang hirap fumashown 'pag mataba at nagtitipid. WERQ!!! Ganda na lang ang puhunan.

Anyways, this entry is about MIKKI GALANG'S birthday bash at Alphonse, Citigolf last Thursday! Saya naman :) And super happy ako na balik na sa full-fledged na pagpapakababae si Ate Mikki! XOXO

Haffierce birthday, Mikki! Bongga ng look, servin' some granny chic realness!
Dito ko rin pala ni-launch ang Kuh Ledesma look ko, haha! Clean look at
naka-bun na hair para bumulaga sa mga bisita ang hulma ng fez ko. Confident!

Pair photos. Nyko won with Gio, Mikki's hunky brother. Jusko, magkamukha sila nang bongga!

Becky noyt. We were reunited with our ates from the upper batches :) I miss <3 <3 <3

Guess who's back? Marquis fresh from Singapore! Kaming apat na nina Lui, Mar, and Jome
nagsara ng Alphonse at around 2:30. Major chikahan lang about life, love, and other whatnots.

I miss blogging! Sorry haven't been updating :'(

Mas e-effort pa akong magsulat. And I guess babalik ako sa core ko; which means, writing in TagLish! Haha!


Sylvia at 70

Jym invited Lui and I to attend her grandmother's 70th birthday celebration last Saturday at Le Pavillion in Pasay.

Here's some snapshots I'd like to share:

  WERQ. As much as I love going to formal parties like this, I so hate the preparation part!
It took me a while to find a nice blazer, which I can wear to this event. Thanks to
Josh's closet, I werqed this floral blazer... just servin' some German Moreno realness!

LIKE A ROSE. Can't keep my hands off the floral set pieces, haha! Ayan, napunta na sa hair ko :)




(Makapag-blog lang)

Cge TV In Da Loop Version 2

Mark your calendars! 

On September 10, we are kicking off the pilot week of Cge TV In Da Loop Version 2! After 20 solid weeks of bringing you videos uploaded by our ever faithful Cgezens in season 1, we now move forward to - malamang - season 2! Chos.

This time, our show's going to bring excitement na talaga namang may double impact! Times two the talent, times two the fun! It's a new format, it's a new set, it's a new show! We are your official late night weekday barkada! I'm so eggzoited!

Anyways, last Friday... we had our taping:

A DAY OF CELEBRATIONS. Una sa lahat, I love our new logo! Akmang-akma sa
time slot ng show namin, haha! It's Cge Jock Chacha's birthday as well! Love you!
And most of all, I'm so happy 'coz they revamped our set! Much cooler now! Pak :)

CASTING. I did the Tuesday episode (airing on September 11), and my hosts were
Anna and my happy crush Mark McMahon, together with Edu and the new Cge Gang!
That's Beba, our ferosh headwriter (upper right)! And below her is our ep's group pic.

VERSUS. We have a new format wherein two talents will compete for the
Sample Sample Cge Star crown. For my episode, I had two female singers:
acoustic singer Ruth Anna Mendoza and ballad vocalist Deedee Billaoac!

WHO'S GONNA WIN? Watch out kung sino ang mas magaling na singer
between the two :) Pero sa pagkakataong ito, ako ang magaling! Ako ang
maganda dahil pinakilig ako nang bonggang-bongga ni Mark! Tee hee <3

CGE TV IN DA LOOP VERSION 2 starts on September 10, 12:30AM on ABS-CBN channel 2!

Thank you for supporting the show! Masaya ako dahil nagka-season 2 kami!


The Dollhouse Elections 2012

Kasabay ng pagbuhos ng ulan ngayong July ay ang pagbaha naman ng kabaklaan sa tigang na lupa ng Ateneo!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the 2012 Dollhouse Erections Elections!

Sa mga hindi updated kung what is The Dollhouse, it's actually one of the most famous benches/barkadahan in the Ateneo community. Famous dahil sa aming kalandian, kagandahan, katalinuhan, and of course serbisyo sa bayan. After all, what are "extra services" for? Choz.

Anyways, every year... we hold an election to determine who will be the next Lady GaGuard (Sergeant-at-arms), F-Buddy (Finance Buddy), Sex Gen (Secretary General), Vice Ganda (Vice President), King Father (Kabit ng President), and Queen Mother (President and she-who-is-so-beautiful)!

Ang just last week, nagharapan at nagtapatan ang dalawang political parties ng Dollhouse: Ang Partido SuSo (Supportive Society) and Partido DYOSA (Dalagang Yayanigin ang Opresyon Sa Ateneo)! After everything, nakoronahan na rin sa wakas ang mga deserving na Dollhousers! Bongga! Sobrang saya <3 <3 <3

PARTIDO SUSO. Fons, Nikki, Gelo, Martin, and Queen Mother wannabee Josh!
That's Nikki servin' some Legarda Station realness, and Josh some Candy Cutie realness!

PARTIDO DYOSA. Queen Mother wannabee Gabi, Ninang JR, Cherry, Gille, Enzo, Nene, and Rica!
Kung si Josh isa lang ang dinalang boylet, si Rica... dalawa! You go, girl! Kabugan talaga ang peg <3

SIMULA NA NG ELEKSYON! The event was hosted by former Queen Mother Mico
and frustrated Queen Mother Third! Just servin' you, gals, some sepia realness! Werq!

SPEECHES. Latagan na ng plataporma! Hatawan na ng mga birada!

AGAW-EKSENA! During her speech, Fons bared the truth as she channeled
her inner Jennifer Love-Hewitt dahil sa kanyang barenaked na kasuotan! Ferosh!

THE ELDERS ARRIVE. Kahit busy sa work, attack mga nakagaganda at nakayayamang alumni <3

At around 6PM, the winners were announced! Landslide win ang Partido SuSo! Congrats!

HAIL HOLY QUEEN MOTHER! Josh won! Congrats, Heather!

NEW BREED OF OFFICERS. Photo op lang with the winners!
Continue spreading the good word of The Famed Dollhouse Bench!


Photos by Jonas Tamayo.

Mela gives back

For his 25th birthday, Mela celebrated the special occasion by spending some quality time with the lolos and lolas at Lualhati ng Maynila and the cute kids at Foundling Home.

Siyempre, join ang mga becks for this cause! It's quite heartwarming since some of us even filed a leave sa work just so maka-attend sa pa-birthday ni Mela! I'm lucky naman 'coz wala talaga akong pasok last Wednesday :)

O diba? Artistang-artista ang peg ng Mami Mels natin?!? Tee hee!

Again, happy birthday! More money and boys this year!

Here's our action-packed day, starting with our sweet charity celebration at Lualhati:

BIRTHDAY GIRL! Here's Mela hosting her very own party! Tee hee much <3
A few minutes after, Arkel - his best friend - took over at naki-good time
nang bongga sa mga elderlies! Inferness, go go go pa rin ang energy nila :)

SAMPLE, SAMPLE!!! Here's Tantan and Mela offering a song for the elderlies,
after which they invited us to do the "chicken dance" with them! The lolos and lolas
were really accommodating! I think they really thought of us as their grandchildren!

JUST A THOUGHT. Well, kung kami nga naman ang mga apo nila... ferosh lang, tee hee! Gaganda o!

COMMERCIAL BREAK. I just wanted to share with you my
newest hobby: doing the five-strand braid on Beba, haha <3

By 5 PM, we walked towards naman our next destination: Foundling Home! Time to play with the makukulit na kids!

LITTLE ANGELS. Grabe, ang super lovable nila with their terno-terno outfits!
The kids were very well behaved and excited to see us, hihi! Awww <3
Kudos to Arkel kasi kahit shorgod na shorgod na siya eh nag-host pa rin dito!

PASIKATAN! Kantahan and sayawan with the kids! And these two were our favorites!
Kamukha ni Ginnifer Goodwyn 'yung girl, and the guy will surely break girls' hearts soon!

MAKA-POSE LANG. Siyempre what's a becky field trip without some fierce posin'! Tey to the hey!

WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. Napansin ko lang na camera shy pala si Adrianne...
Kamusta naman no make-up look ko? Nag-day dreaming na lang ang lola Patch niyo.

FAMILY PICTURE! My only wish is that these kids grow up to be
fine citizens of the world. Sana maging maganda ang future nila despite
whatever harsh reality man ang napagdaanan nila. Love love love!

Thank you, Mela, for another great experience! Happy birthday!


Photos from Beba Bautista.

It's raining men

...on Cge TV In Da Loop!

DJ Callum David is back with vengeance! And this time, he brought two of his friends over for some freakin' good time with Cge Jocks Anna, Jobert, and Chacha

DJ, MODEL, AND... HOST? Callum's a guest host for the entire episode! More Aussie realness <3

Now, meet his friends - fashion models and sportsmen - Mark McMahon and Terence Lloyd!

TIMES THREE THE FUN! Witness how "game" these boys are!
In other news, I think I'm falling in love with Terence's tattoos <3

#GandaKo #TeeHee

Stay up late, and don't miss this epic episode :)
MONDAY, 16 JULY 2012, after ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs Shows (12:30AM)

Kudos to Butch, my co-writer, for coming up with the gimmicks <3


Photos from Beba Bautista.


Remember my blog giveaway last May?

Well, we finally have a winner: Osel from Makati! Congrats, girl <3

I met with her boyfriend last Tuesday to hand in her prizes. Inferness, gwapo si Ricky, teh! Ikaw na!

Anyways, I'm so happy that she managed to use her Soak GCs immediately. She sent me this photo:

Winner na winner! Enjoy your new accessories from Cabana! And of course
don't forget to hit the beach with your new Soak swimwear! Enjoy sa Boracay!


Friday night lights

Guess who's back?

Lui is! So glad my besh is finally here :)

Many thanks to Jym for hosting the welcome back dinner + kwentutan at her place. Food was beyooond divine, especially your boyfriend your lola's seafood dynamite! Butter and cream overload, not to mention the Snickers ice cream bar, hihi <3

Reunited. The original Besh Barkada's complete after more than four months of missin' Lui :)

Girls night out. Also in attendance were Mahrra, Karla, and Ekai (not in photos)! Mwah!

Hopin' for more nights like this to start a GV weekend!

Kisses forever and evarrr!

Photos by Ian Yao.
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