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Remember my blog giveaway last May?

Well, we finally have a winner: Osel from Makati! Congrats, girl <3

I met with her boyfriend last Tuesday to hand in her prizes. Inferness, gwapo si Ricky, teh! Ikaw na!

Anyways, I'm so happy that she managed to use her Soak GCs immediately. She sent me this photo:

Winner na winner! Enjoy your new accessories from Cabana! And of course
don't forget to hit the beach with your new Soak swimwear! Enjoy sa Boracay!


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Thanks MissPatch! :)

Many thanks to you MissPatch! Fairy Goddess Mother ang peg lang! :) will forever be thankful for the kindness you gave me!! Lalo na sa goodie bag!! Love lotssss! -osel

Re: Thanks MissPatch! :)

you are most welcome, teh!

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